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At Transform Widnes we want to see our community flourishing and believe we are called, as a church, to model what that could look like in our town. There are all sorts of positive parts of our culture in Widnes but there are also some issues which make life very difficult for people. All of our Community Outreaches have grown out of a desire to make life better by building on the very best of our culture while challenging the less good things happening around us. So, for example, when we see people struggling with loneliness, we want to invite them into good, supportive relationships at Connect Café. When someone is hungry, we want to physically nourish them at Long Loaf. If a parent is stressed and worried about their child, we hope that our Tots group will provide reassurance and hope.

For more information about what we are doing in this area please get in touch with penny (

Long Loaf

Long Loaf
Long Loaf is a community, which based around food, longs to work together to see each uniquely created individual flourish in all aspects of their life.

We meet on a Wednesday for a cooked lunch, a short ‘thought for the day’ and then discussions around tables. All sorts of people join us at Long Loaf and all sorts of friendships and connections are built as we seek to support each other and care for the more vulnerable in our community.

Where: St Paul’s Church Hall
When: Wednesdays, 12-1pm
Cost: We suggest a donation of £2 but payment is not required to get fed!

To join our amazing cooking team then they meet at 9am and are always open to new volunteers. There will be some paperwork to fill in and food hygiene training to do but it’s a fun way to make new friends while learning some very useful cooking skills. To find out more then please contact

Connect Cafe

Connect Cafe
Connect Cafe is all about building life-giving friendships that tackle isolation so people can experience love and feel part of a church community.

Connect Cafe meets in St Paul’s Church on a Friday for drinks, cake, conversation, a short talk and other one off activities. Connect Cafe is all about connecting people together so that they feel supported and less alone and is a safe space to share some of life’s struggles. Anyone is welcome to drop in and find a listening ear.

Where: St Paul’s Church
When: Fridays, 10.30 – 12.30pm
Cost: We suggest a donation of £1

To find out more please contact

Transform Garden Project

Transform Garden Project
The Transform Gardening Project has taken a patch of disused grass next to St Paul’s church and turned it into a productive garden growing lots of different types of fruit and vegetables that go towards our Long Loaf meal and other church food events. The groups that work on the gardens spend time together supporting each other, running social events as well as tending to the gardens. The aim is to enhance a sense of wellbeing and community, be productive in the food that we grow and improve our ecological footprint as a church. The gardening project began in summer 2021 and is already beginning to see these things happen. Anyone is welcome to come along and join in.

Where: St Paul’s Church Garden
When: Tuesdays, 7-9pm and Sundays, 12.30-1.30pm

For more information please contact

Transform Minds

Transform Minds
Coming Soon!!!! Transform Minds will be a mental health support group led by 2 local counsellors. The weekly group will meet to support each other while learning strategies for building resilience and overcoming addiction, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. We are currently fundraising to set the project up and convert an unloved room at St Paul’s Church into a counselling / meeting space. To register interest in the group or to offer support to the project please contact


Our young people are so important to us here at Transform Widnes and we long to see them growing in faith, love for themselves and other people. Currently we run a youth club for secondary aged young people each week where we run games, crafts, a tuck shop and have activities such as a pool table, table tennis, switch, board games and much much more!

Where: St John’s Church
When: Thursdays, 6-8pm

As a youth club we also take part in various events, such as the Queen’s Jubilee party or a car wash, while some of the young people are stepping into leadership in other areas of church life, for example in our kids church or in church services.

We are aiming to increase our youth work provision in Autumn 2022 with music, production and media activities – more details to follow.

If you would like to know more then please contact

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